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Your Vision Your Style

Public Relation

At Motion Arts Pvt Ltd, we not only develop strategic and accurate plans but also augment the reputation of our esteemed clients with extreme dexterity. The communication path of our clients is carefully formed by our well experienced employees of in-house writers and communication specialist who supports us in research and analysis. In this very advanced…
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Event Management

Event Management refers to organising, controlling and directing any event in such an innovative way that it leaves a great impact on audience and make them aware about the key message. An event can’t be called well – managed until it costs less, it means organising a meaningful event in least price. So, here is the…
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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is used as an umbrella term for the online marketing of various products and services. This marketing is done through numerous digital channels such as GOOGLESEARCH, SOCIAL MEDIA SITES, EMAIL and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers. Today, Public Relation companies has trespassed the accustomed boundaries of interacting with the press…
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Media Buying

MEDIA BUYING is the process of buying of advertising space for the purpose of advertising from a company operating media properties. Motion Arts Pvt Ltd carried out this process in such a manner so that the result will be most effective.  We start this process step by step: 1 Firstly, we identify what is the target of our client…
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ADVERTISING refers to the verbal or visual form of communication in the field of marketing in order to contact with the users of products and services. This is done to promote or sell product, service and idea. It is important for:  Making an image of a brand in the market  Increasing customers  Increasing sales  Promotions…
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Brand Management

BRAND MANAGEMENT means understanding and constructing a concrete and positive image for your brand in this rapidly increasing business world.   In this digital world where we inhabit today, it becomes compulsion to have fame and name if you really want to be successful. In the view of fact, we have seen that the cost…
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